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Shaycarl and the Shaytards

October 29, 2009

Shaycarl is a youtube celebrity. He and his wife have a few channels and currently they post daily videos on their Shaytards channel. The family consists of Shaycarl, Mommy-tard, Son-tard (6), Princess-tard (4), Baby-tard (2) and Rock-tard (0). They never really mention that they are lds but if your mo-dar is on you can tell. First, they’re from Eastern Idaho (Pocatello). Second, they go to church every Sunday. Third, mommy-tard wears knee length shorts. The kicker was when he was helping his non-lds youtube friend move and was asleep on his couch the friend recorded him sleeping with no shirt over his garment top. Then to drive it home he had a short recording while at church and the hymn was Joseph’s first prayer. Raise your hand if you’ve seen his videos and guessed he was a Mormon.

Obviously, this post was written 2 years ago. Since then Shay has explained that he is in fact LDS. He served an LDS mission to Trinidad and Tobago. Sontard was recently baptized by Shay. Shay even mentioned his calling in the Sunday school presidency. There has been a lot of negative comments about “Mormons” in the comments. Most people don’t care they are Mormons. The purpose of this article is simply to point out what I noticed. This blog features funny mormons. Shay is funny and he is a mormon!

We have put together a shaytards store, featuring products commonly seen in the SHAYTARDS vlogs.  Check it out. We will also be blogging there when we add new products as they are seen in the vlogs so subscribe.

It seems rare to find a man who wants to start a family in his early twenties and focus so much on his family. I am a member of the same church and it is actually fairly common to see families like the Shaytards. One of the beliefs we have is that families are central to God’s plan for us. One of the most important things we do on earth is build strong family bonds so we can be together for eternity. You can learn more about their religious beliefs.

204 Responses to “Shaycarl and the Shaytards”

  1. After less than 3 minutes of watching 3 different videos (without noticing any of the above mentioned), I KNEW they were LDS, and then did the search. We’re kind of obvious folks.

  2. Yes, all the above mentioned is what gave me the exact thought and sharing it with husband and family that I felt they were. The last few blogs were a real giveaway…for where they stopped and having such loving family ties.

  3. This family changed my whole perception that I previously had towards mormons. I’m shocked and thrilled at the same time. I wanna join this club!

  4. Moi, go to to learn more about mormons. It is an awesome “club” to join. Even though not all mormons are like the shaytards.

  5. best place to discuss the videos of shaytards.take a look you will enjoy a lot

  6. I’m not from the States so I don’t really have a “Modar”, seeing as I’ve never met any mormans.

    I found their dog’s name “Malachi” intruiging, and looked up the name. Malachi is a sort of prophet-type figure adorned by christians but particularly the mormans. That’s how I found out.

    I’m an agnostic myself and although I respect the religion and those who choose to follow it, like many religions… it seems pretty far-fetched and weird.

  7. Nice to meet you Charly. Now you’ve met a Mormon. We know we’re weird. Sometimes weird is good.

  8. Don’t join the lds “club” as it is a cult.

  9. I wonder if Matt even knows what a cult is? haha.

  10. I’m Mormon too and I first discovered the Shaytards a few weeks ago…at first I thought they were of course a hiliarious fun family, then I noticed just how much they love each other and all the time they spend together, could they be Mormon? Nah…um, I don’t think so. Then I noticed how modestly shaycarl’s wife and sister dress (although nowadays most women with their physiques usually wear skimpy clothing, but not the shaytards, nope). And how they were going to church out of habit, and they dressed a lot like Mormons on a Sunday. And mamatard’s knee-length shorts in another video. What locked it in one day was when I saw a picture of Gordon B. Hinckley on their refrigerator. Oh, I LOVE the Shaytards! But one note, I tried acting “fun” like the Shaytard parents with my kids one day, and my daughter has since gone into potty training regression. I guess “fun” mom threw her off a bit. Haha.

  11. In the video posted on Jan. 30th, 2010, the daughter tells her mom she just washed her “CTR Ring”….it’s at the first of the clip, I’d have to say, now that I know they are Mormon I am more interested in watching them now. Funny Mormons break the stereotypes and I appreciate that.

  12. The Old Nauvoo hoodie on Mommy-tard was the clincher for me. lol These folks are hysterical!

  13. Matt, come on. Mornonism isn’t a cult. Geez. I was raised in the Mormon church, and even though I no longer go, believe me, it’s not a cult.
    It’s just a bunch of nice folks who believe in God and family and doing kind things for people.

  14. Well if you just go to Shay’s Myspace, you’ll see “Mormon” listed as his religion.

  15. Mormonism ABSOLUTELY is a cult, look at the structure of the church, do the research, Joseph Smith was a convicted con man … the mormon story is just riddled with holes…

  16. Angela you are a class 5 moron.

  17. The episode where they decide to burn the SI swim suit edition raised my suspicions, but his shouting “Oh my Heck” was the clincher.

  18. They also cross their arms to pray

  19. he could just as easily be a Christian. There is nothing that indicates he is mormon.

  20. Except everything indicates he is mormon..

  21. yeah, theres so many little hints here and there that indicate they are mormons. the only thing that kinda backlashes everything is that shay works on the station with all his friends in california (which arent mormon) and the station has very innapropriate materials on it. which if i worked around that i would quit. plus they are always breaking the sabbath and going to restaurants and other places.

    but the mormon in them shines out far more then these things so yeah,

    awesome family, want to be just like shay when im a dad.

  22. P.S. Bryan your a jerk and know one likes being around people with your attitude

  23. so you believe that a young man who had the education and literature expertise of a 3rd grader faked a whole entire book that which can only be compared to the signifacance of the bible?
    i dont think so Brian.

    It was the holy spirit and the power of the lord which guided this young man to translate the book of mormon. and to Joseph smiths best efforts he DID translate it and he was persucuted and tarred and feathered and eventually killed for his belief and work, by people JUST LIKE YOU Brian, people who called this church a CULT.

    The church of jesus christ of latter day saints is NOT a cult. and i will justify it and not let you spit lies against it from your twisted tongue.
    have you ever been to our church Brian? WE do not shout our songs or pay are priests. we give humble thanks to our lord and help our fellow man and strive to give charity which is the love of our savior jesus christ who died and atoned for our sins. we are here to learn and grow that we may prepare to live in the eternal glory of the celestrial kingdom of our Heavenly Father.

  24. Sad to see that they are Mormon. It IS a cult… Not to say this out of rudeness or hate towards Mormons (I LOVE the ShayTards) but for the sake of eternal life it needs to be known that Mormons will not see the rewards of Heaven by believing this. When looking in the Old Testament of the Word of God it says “5 Every word of God is tested; He is a shield to those who take refuge in Him.6 Do not add to His words, or He will reprove you, and you will be proved a liar.” Proverbs 30:5-6
    Published in March of 1830, the Book of Mormon is an addition to the Word of God, being used to study along with the Bible by Mormons.
    It also mentions not to change or add to the Bible in many other places within it.
    Here is a good website explaining more. I hope you learn from it as I have…
    God Bless

  25. All forms of religion is a cult truly.
    This crap about blind faith gets pounded into your head for years and You are told that if you do not believe very bad things will happen. OHH NO! C’mon folks Please step back and put your adult thinking cap on for a min and if you use just a SMALL amount of logic it is very easy to see that its all lies.
    The Bible is a fairy tale.
    The Book of Mormon is a comedy.

  26. interesting stuff owen thanks for posting

  27. hi came here via a google search on the wonderful shaytards.
    so they go to church on sundays? if its what they do then cool! here in the uk we have no real idea about mormonism, only through the sqewered filter of the media..
    if shay and katilette are the product of mormon upbringings then something good must be happening :)

  28. Did I know they were Mormons? Honestly, not really. Did I realize they think “Annoying = Comedy” and that having “tards” for “unitards” is universal fuckin’ irony? Absolutely.

  29. the book of mormon is not an “addition to the bible” it does not rewrite the bible in any way.
    think of it like this.

    most books have that little copyright claim saying know one is to add to this book or change it in any way ETC. but does that mean the author is not allowed to right another book pertaining to the story of the first?


    God is the author of the Bible AND the book of mormon.

    and do you even know what the meaning of a cult is Owen?

    a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister : a network of Satan-worshiping cults.


    that is absoulutley ludicrous and ridiculous that people would say or even begin to think that we are a CULT

    we are the church of jesus christ of latter day saints and are numbers are not few.
    we strive to do good and help others. we have been persecuted since the beginning and will be till the end, but when Christ comes again. you will no the truth. we all will. i challenge everyone to read the book of mormon. open your mind and heart to its pages.

    I pray for those who dont understand. and i feel amazing sadness for those who refuse to understand.

  30. I am not Mormon and I had no idea they were Mormon. I am a Christian and to the people who dislike Mormons lthey are also Christians. Just because you may may not believe what their religion stares you dont have thw right to. slam them, I do know my God would not point fingers and ridicule others. And I know for sure my Christian God, and his son Jesus are the same.

  31. My mo-dar was activated when I realized how young and good looking mom & dad are yet they already have 3 kids (with a fourth now on the way). Once he mentioned the CTR ring, my mo-dar was no longer needed.

    I do think they fit many of the stereotypes, but are more laid back than Utah mormons. They’re California mormons after all!

  32. Was just thinking how cool it was to see such energetic parents & Googled them. Say what you will about the Mormon faith, they “get” the whole family thing. Kids are a blast more than something to be suffered.

    Life in general ought to be a blast. The Shaytards aren’t exactly cutting edge Lenny Bruce social commentary. But their joie de vivre is delightfully infectious. IMHO, think that’s what late night TV is missing since the departure of Johnny Carson.

  33. Questioning my knowledge of a Cult is not the issue, although your understanding of it is incorrect.
    A cult, generally, it is a group that is unorthodox, esoteric, and has a devotion to a person, object, or a set of new ideas.(

    And you are saying that the BOM is written by our God?
    Them same god that claims to be from another planet? Like it is believed by the Mormons? (Mormon Doctrine, p. 321; Joseph Smith, Times and Seasons, vol. 5, p. 613-614; Orson Pratt, Journal of Discourses, vol. 2, p. 345; Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses, vol. 7, p. 333)

    Are you saying the the one true God who wrote in the Bible saying “the Lord, He is God; there is no other besides Him” (Deut. 4:35). Is the same god that told J. Smith that ‘There are many gods’, (Mormon Doctrine, p. 163).

    You are also saying that the bible agrees with the teachings of Mormons when this cult says ‘After you become a good Mormon, you have the potential of becoming a god, (Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, p. 345-347, 354.)?
    When the one true word of God says, “…before me there was no God formed, and there will be none after me!” (Is. 43:10).

    I have a hard time understanding why the followers of this cult believe that the Bible and the BOM go hand in hand, when the Lord will deny the teachings that have been followed by them on judgment day.

    I write all this out of love for you and all brothers/sisters in Christ. The false teachings will lead to eternal hell if you don’t repent, and follow the true word of God intended for us to follow from the very beginning.

    For more info I encourage you to seek this site,

    God Bless…

  34. Not club, cult.

  35. in one of the videos he actually mentions that he was in west indies for the 2 years mission mandatory to all LDS :)

  36. Hey! My “modar” (never heard of that word till seeing this site) was triggered when someone asked Shay if he “sang this song in Mormon church?” Not much to question there.

    I don’t really like organized religion, and the story of the Smith guy doesn’t make sense because of several reasons.

    BUT, I think the mormons DO have a great thing going with their family ideas. Except the fact that women are more restricted than the men. For example, the clothing, men can wear anything and women can’t. Also, women don’t have the same “rights” in the afterlife. Men get to have all this power and women don’t? No… I don’t think so. Way too sexist for me.

    Anyways, back to what I was saying. At least in the area of parents and their children spending quality time together, I think the mormons are doing a great job! :)

  37. Believing in ANY religion is a sickness/mental disorder. Their should be no religions.

  38. Ashley,
    Thanks for the compliments. It really is refreshing to see a family like the shaytards on youtube. I understand organized religion isn’t for everyone but you have some facts wrong. Men are just as restricted as women in what they wear (more so, probably – we pretty much only wear white shirts and ties to church). Also, women have all the power that men have. We believe that husband and wife are equals.

  39. Oh wow Angela, I forgot only Mormons have loving families!

  40. … WE ARE NOT A CULT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. the bible a fairytale? i’m pretty sure that it’s a story about astrology\astrotheology.

  42. I believe someday, that those who are ultimately rightous, and endure to the end can have “god like powers” as he does, I think you misunderstand that we wont become THEE GOD, there is only One God. but that we can someday become like him.

    There are many mysteries of the kingdom of god that we “mormons” do not know. some which are not known for good reason.

    Wether you believe in our religion, or any religion for that matter, you cannot have a perfect knowledge of everything. and when you try to, it just causes confusion and trouble. i definitely do not have all the answers. but i do have Faith.

    Faith is not a perfect knowlege of things, wherefore if ye have faith ye hope for things which are not seen which are true.

    Im sorry you feel that way about our church Owen and i wish you the best.

    those who contend with us, do not truly know us.

  43. You say the Mormons are a Club? Then why do they claim to be a religion? is this just for tax evasion? I know the Scientologists do this for the same reaason… (IE call them selves a Church when they are really a Self Help Club.) I guess France doesn’t Recognize Scientologists as a Religian, Do you guys since you are a “Club” have the same Problem? I’ve always wanted to start a new “Club” for tax purposes. Do you have any tips/Links to share! Thanks and Shay is very funny.

  44. There is only one God, and there is none LIKE Him, nor will there ever be.

    I too understand that not all answers can be found, and that walking in faith is the way to believing. However, some beliefs of the Mormons are just completely out of context from the bible, they can be answered or corrected through the Word of God.

    And I wish only the best for you, especially that you will feel the conviction in your heart that points you towards trusting in the words God provided for us.

  45. It really isn’t a club someone earlier just said they wanted to join the club so I was replying to that.

  46. Believing there’s no intelligence greater than humanity is arrogance.

    Would that there were no arrogance or narcissism.

  47. The book of moron is the word of god. have you read it? have you ever heard the prophet speak at general conference? its literally the most truthfull thing ive ever seen in the world!
    believe me i had my doubts to, no one can tell you for yourself. only you can.

    and remember that the Bible has been translated many times of the centuries. im sure that it is VERY different now from when it was first put together.

  48. Brian, in what ways is she a moron? Instead of blindly attacking her, why don’t you elaborate? I’d be real interested to hear your thoughts.

  49. You’re not a cult. Scientology is a cult. You’re religion has good values but is rediculous and something should not be followed if it has good values but is obviously fictional.

  50. “Nice folks”, until your an ex-mormon. Google ex-mormon and find out yourself.

  51. “The book of moron” is right!

  52. ment mormon, no need to be rude Will, obviously you are a man that let satan right through the front door, im terribly sorry. was it a member of the church?

  53. Mormonism is a cult. The way they treate ex-mormon’s and the way they raise their children and brain wash them is that of a cult. The way they believe Indians are descended from Jews despite DNA evidence is just stupid aswell mormons are scum and I have already beaten up 2 mormons so far and hoping to kill one one day

  54. And you are saying that the BOM is written by our God?
    Them same god that claims to be from another planet? Like it is believed by the Mormons? (Mormon Doctrine, p. 321; Joseph Smith, Times and Seasons, vol. 5, p. 613-614; Orson Pratt, Journal of Discourses, vol. 2, p. 345; Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses, vol. 7, p. 333)

    Are you saying the the one true God who wrote in the Bible saying “the Lord, He is God; there is no other besides Him” (Deut. 4:35). Is the same god that told J. Smith that ‘There are many gods’, (Mormon Doctrine, p. 163).

    You are also saying that the bible agrees with the teachings of Mormons when this cult says ‘After you become a good Mormon, you have the potential of becoming a god, (Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, p. 345-347, 354.)?
    When the one true word of God says, “…before me there was no God formed, and there will be none after me!” (Is. 43:10).

    I have a hard time understanding why the followers of this cult believe that the Bible and the BOM go hand in hand, when the Lord will deny the teachings that have been followed by them on judgment day.

    I write all this out of love for you and all brothers/sisters in Christ. The false teachings will lead to eternal hell if you don’t repent, and follow the true word of God intended for us to follow from the very beginning.

    For more info I encourage you to seek this site,

    God Bless…

  55. Is this just a copy and paste from Owen above?

    The answer to your question is that yes, we believe there is only one God (capital G). Our Heavenly Father. He created our spirits and the earth. Just like we all have one biological father and only one. And, just like a loving father, God wants his children to inherit what He has and know what He knows. By your logic, it is blasphemy to practice any science or learn to love like God loves because we’re not aloud to be “Like” God.

    God’s mysteries can be discovered in more than just The Bible. The Bible was created by men. The words in the Bible are the words of God but the Bible itself was created by men. Nowhere in The Bible does the word “bible” even exist.

    I think you misunderstand what you’ve been told about Mormons. We worship One God. The God of the Bible and of all mankind.

  56. He might have ment class 5 Mormon. I made the same mistake in the post below

  57. Wow, that’s some pretty disgusting hate right there dude.

  58. Brian is right. Mormons are wack. Mormons teach good values? Well, I do know that they teach LIES about history.

    Last time I checked, lying isn’t a good value.

  59. But the mormons teach that they are the only “one true church” so how could they claim to worship the same God who is going to send every other non-mormon to hell?

    Oh. Yeah. Mormons can baptize the dead and “save” them! Yay.

    Get real. Your religion is fiction from the mind of a CONVICTED con artist.

  60. It won’t be hard to kill them. They ride their bikes like morons. All you have to do is catch them on a rural road and flatten them in the shoulder or go ahead and run them over as they cut across the street stupidly.

    The best is the old wave to say “go ahead” and when they go, gas it hard.

    Mormons deserve to meet their god. You are doing them a favor. Don’t let these other people call it “hate”.

    Really! Is it hate to send someone to their heaven? I don’t think so.

  61. Yes, we teach we are the “one true church” but what does that mean? Do we teach that only mormons go to heaven? no. We actually teach that almost everyone will go to heaven. We teach there are three degrees of heaven and basically you will go where you feel most comfortable.

    “Hell” as you call it is reserved for Satan and his followers. I don’t believe you follow Satan. You have your faults just as I have my faults and I can’t judge you because I am not God.

    I choose to love you even though you threaten to kill people of my faith. I’ll pretend your comments were meant to be sarcastic. I’m really sorry you feel the way you do. Your ideas of what we believe are half truths spread by others like yourself.

  62. It is “hate” to want to kill someone. honestly if you don’t believe our teachings that’s totally fine. But those who choose to actually persecute our religion and make death threats. Those are the people who I believe Satan has full control over and they don’t even know it. Your theorys and accusations about our church are obviously deluted.

  63. Even if they are mormon, whos is any1 to care?? Its not your life so dont try to control it. You can hate it all you want just keep it to yourself and the 1s that agree. I dont think youd want some1 saying crap about you?? Exactly. The world today would be so much better if people just didnt care like me. No1s perfect so just accept it as is! i myself am a christian and i dont like or accept their mormon, but i dont complain. I still love and watch ALL their videos!! 😀

  64. Do mormons still practice polygamy.I know the ansewer has to be “no” because a “yes” gets you excommunicated from the church. What are the chances a beautiful young(twenties not a teenager) mormon woman with a baby would not be married?

  65. Not very likely but it does definitely happen. It appears Shaycarl’s sister, CarlyStyle is a single mom. I don’t know if she was previously married or not but I don’t really care. She seems to take pretty good care of her son and has a very supportive family.

  66. I am a Christian from Canada and just a few months ago i had missionaries at my door, I invited them in and talked for awhile but I must say mormonism is a hard thing to swallow. In the BOM it says Natives were originally white and God cursed there skin red… Scientifically that is proven incorrect. Also I just saw a video of Shay Carl where his sister mooned the camera just wearing her underwear, nothing wrong with that but why must they wear knee length clothing and then be mooning cameras? Also way back when the BOM was written God told Joseph Smith that they could mary more then one women, and now its not allowed. Iv never read about this undecided God in the Bible. (Please do not take this the wrong way.)

  67. Plural marriage was a commandment of god. It helped to multiply the mormon religion 10 fold. in fact without it I would not be here. We no longer practice polygamy, though some people THAT ARE IN NO WAY A PART OF OUR CHURCH still practice it. Thats one of the biggest misconceptions of the Mormon church because people think that were just a bunch of polygamists.

    and you really cant judge a religion by the members, humans are humans. There are some members that are totally chill (like myself) and there are those are really strict and obediant. but hey, i say more power too them.

    every religion at first is “a hard thing to swallow” Its about patience and learning, if i were you i would ask those missionarys to come back sometime.

  68. I’ll be honest. I adore Shay and his family. I knew he was a Mormon. To be frankly honest. I’m a Christian(Non-Denomination) and I understand a lot of different beliefs. To be frankly honest Somethings that Shay does isn’t what a spiritual person does like his sister wearing her underwear mooning people. I understand people are not perfect, but Shay shows real love towards his family. Mormonism is a whole separate level of a belief. I’m not going to start a debate on salvation and whatnot. To what I researched on Mormonism I find it to be very interesting. The way of the celestial beings being born in heaven, I can feel what J Smith was getting at. Eventually getting to heaven yes. But, I don’t believe Jesus and Satan were brothers. Any mormon reading this don’t get offended by this. Like I said earlier different belief system and not putting out a debate. I had a friend who was a mormon, never pushed his his faith onto me, but he was awesome friend, he moved to another state. Doesn’t mean because of their faith or belief people are evil or crazy. Salvation is important but if people don’t want hear what you want to say then what can you do. Anyway getting back to Shay, he’s awesome!!

  69. I know what I wrote earlier may have been a little strange how I worded it. What I’m trying to say is that Mormonism and Christianity is very different.

  70. I really want to know what your so called LIES are…
    and I want you to hold a good argument please. What lies are there?

    Also, Mormon is a nickname.. they are more formally known as LDS.

  71. I very much enjoy watching the ‘shaytards’ vlog and find the couple and the family very engaging. Shay has a great personality as does his wife and the camera loves them both. I am a little befuddled however about his work on the ‘station’ with his friends ‘kassemg’ and ‘lisanova’–that stuff is not all that family friendly. I was also disappointed at Shay’s behavior at the ‘Streamies’ show. My kids watch his vlogs, but I want to make sure they are shuffled off to these other videos because Shay at one time or another ‘favorites’ them. What does the LDS church say about the company kept, words used, and endorsements of lifestyles that seem to be contrary to what others would consider Christian principles.

  72. just randomly came across this site…first of all what does it even matter if hes a Mormon or not?

    2nd noone should put down another religion i mean I dont like the fact that they always come to my house aswell as the Jehovahs and try and like make me join their church but ill still listen to what they have to say.

    Just one thing the other day I was at my aunts and Mormons came and were talking about how the bible can help us with the recession or something and they were going to give us a little booklet but we said that we would rather them give it to someone who would read it because we knew we would just throw it out and they were like Well can we please leave it with you?

    It was like they have to meet a certain quota of giving out these booklets and talking to some people like its a business…i dont like that.

  73. It was so obvious that they’re mormon. The big family is the best give-away. It’s a shame though that they’re part of such a racist and homophobic church.

  74. Obviously, you have done poor research and are unable to understand the beliefs of this church.

  75. i think it’s interesting how people can say that this happy, normal and fun-loving family is part of cult, and automatically turn on them because of their religion. the only people i’ve known who thought Mormonism was a cult were people who had never really met or known a Mormon and thought that we were are all insane, weird and overly-religious whackjobs with no senses of humor or fun. i could see how people would think that if they had never met or known a Mormon. but i’m just surprised that people can still think we’re all evil and cultish, even after seeing how happy and normal this family is. you’d think that the hilarious Shaytards would have change peoples’ perceptions of us, but i guess not.

  76. I agree with Owen. No amount of justifying by some secondary prophet can bring validity to the cult of Mormon. The trouble isn’t with the beautiful values of family, love, or community. The trouble is that it’s a beautiful paint-job over a faulty structure. I appreciate how wonderful many Mormons are to their families. I also appreciate how wonderful many atheists, agnostics, Catholics, Buddhists, Muslims, or Taoists are to their families. People choose their own actions through God-given free will — it’s a reflection of a willingness to do good, rather than a result of what some prophet or other wise man says.

    But I digress… Through the simple logic that Owen has presented, it is easy to see that there are immediate and damning contradictions in the theology of Mormonism.

    And just to drive a point home — McKay said, “I believe someday, that those who are ultimately rightous, and endure to the end can have “god like powers” as he does”. Does this sound familiar? Who else wanted God-like powers? Satan.

  77. Also, McKay, for you to assume of Will: “obviously you are a man that let satan right through the front door”. Isn’t there a lesson in the Bible… or even your Book of Lies…oops I mean Mormon… that says something about judging the character of another?

    Jesus says in Matthew 7 — “We must not judge rashly, nor pass judgment upon our brother without any ground. We must not make the worst of people. Here is a just reproof to those who quarrel with their brethren for small faults, while they allow themselves in greater ones…”

    … or Does Joseph Smith excuse you from that?

  78. I’ll just start out by saying that I’m not here to offend anyone since someone obviously will be offended. Trust me.

    It’s probably the most stupid question to ask someone with faith in something but… Why? I see no reason in believing in a Heaven and Hell and a god. Why isn’t it enough to believe that there are good and bad people whose lives have been shaped by others and that when they die they’re dead. Instead of burning in Hell or living in Heaven they are remembered for who they were: good fathers, good mothers, sisters and brothers and children or on the other hand liars and sadists (and anything else evil you can come up with!)

    I just can’t see the point of wanting to live forever. I am incredibly happy with the life I have and the people I know.

    I am a complete and utter Atheist. I have never stolen; sure, I’ve lied every now and then. But I’ve always been a good person trying to do good things. And yet according to all your religions I will burn in Hell because I don’t embrace something I can’t believe in.

    Is it the uncertainty of death that is the scary part? That some need to feel assured that death is not the end? Why not? When you’ve lived a long life I think you deserve that rest. As long as someone remembers you or sees a picture of you you’re never really dead.

    Basically, I’m just sick and tired of all the fighting between religious people and those who aren’t. I’ll just say that you can flame me as much as you want. Hell? I couldn’t care less.

  79. and to the guy above me who said that the Mormon church is racist and homophobic, do you really think that the Shaytards are racist and homophobic? after seeing how cool, friendly and down-to-earth Shay and his super-attractive wife are? and i see comments on the Shaytards’ Youtube video sites questioning why they’re so happy all the time, and why their families can’t be like that. wouldn’t people be more respectful of their religion after seeing how happy it has made them? i’m also glad they’re all over Youtube to show people that Mormons are normal and funny just like everyone else, and not part of some cult with weird rituals. you wouldn’t believe some of the weird things people said they thought we did and believed, or things they thought we weren’t allowed to do, when I lived in Massachusetts and Vermont for two years. people thought all Mormons couldn’t do things like dance, listen to music, watch TV, talk about things besides religion, or even use telephones. we’re not Amish people! and some thought that all Mormons were just men in suits who went preaching door to door all day, or that all the Mormons who exist in the entire world only live in Utah.

  80. one thing i forgot, several people out there also thought that Mormons still practiced polygamy. i was in Massachusetts right after Mitt Romney was elected governor, and i spoke with a woman who thought Romney had five wives simply because he was Mormon. with the help of the Shaytard videos, at least now people can see that we only have one spouse just like everybody else. and from what i’ve read in the previous comments, i do think it’s funny how people think the loving and happy Shaytards, as well as other Mormons with good values, will go to eternal Hell simply for what they believe, and for following, what those commenters call, a “convicted con artist.” that’s crazy talk to think that people will go to Hell simply because of their religion, as well as to talk about how wonderful of people the Shaytards are, but then later mention that they’ll sadly go to Hell because of their beliefs. and also, two-year missions are NOT mandatory for Mormons. there just happen to be a lot of young men, and some young women, who actually want to go on them.

  81. I love the Shaytards….I am so impressed with their lifestyle I mean the whole family is so close,it really is a lesson for people to love and spend time with your family.Is this waht Mormonism preaches?If it is then I am converting.

  82. Oh my freakin GOD!!!!! Why is there so much politics about something we never see, but we only think about, all religion is just ludicrous, and absurd. Besides , what is the point of religion, all it does is start fights and just creates problems, just live your life to the fullest and don’t wast your time with all of this religious bullshit. Now don’t get me wrong I love the shaytards and all you other religious people but your just wasting your time

  83. Really, LDS isn’t a cult? Time to buy a dictionary, because any group the believes in zombies and cannibalism is ‘reasonably considered strange’. Don’t worry though, I’m not excluding all the other religions of the world from cult status too. You all belong to a cult.

  84. Rev 22:18 “I testify to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: if anyone adds to them, God will add to him the plagues which are written in this book 19 and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God will take away his part from the tree of life and from the holy city, which are written in this book.”
    Proverbs 30:6 “Do not add to His words Or He will reprove you, and you will be proved a liar.”

    Need I say more? The book of mormon came after the bible and therefore is added. God doesnt change the bible is perfect and doesnt need any other books added to it. The bible is the only book that was “God Breathed” the book of mormon doesnt even come close.

  85. Joe,
    Did you know that the Bible didn’t exist until long after the book of revelation was written. Most scholars believe that John wrote Revelation before he wrote John 1.

  86. i feel like i need to make one comment..mommytard wearing knee length shorts in a video really has nothing to do with her religion…if you check shay’s myspace theres pictures of mommytard wearing an array of clothes that are not ‘knee length’

    aaand..the shaytards are awesome! everyone has their own ideas about relgion and what they think is best, so who cares. they make awesome videos and from what ive seen, shay and his family have good morals that are outside of relgion that many people can look up to and learn from

  87. I wandered across this site in an effort to find out whether the Shaytards are Christians or not. I have really enjoyed watching their videos and appreciate seeing a solid family that spends time. This is so rare.

    Finding out they are Mormon doesn’t make me angry or even cause me to stop watching their videos; after all, it’s positive.

    I, myself, am a Christian (although I am coming to strongly dislike the term as so many Christian ARE judgemental and very unloving) and do not agree with Mormonism. Some time ago I decided I needed to learn more so as not to be ignorant and picked up “Under the Banner of Heaven” by Jon Krakauer. Maybe this was the wrong historical account to read but can the Mormons present explain some of the history? I apologize, but John Smith does not seem like a man I want to trust! Any suggestions on other factual literature I could read would be greatly appreciated.

    All that being said, I wish more CHRISTIAN families lived the way the Shaytards do. Thank you Shaytards for being a positive example.

  88. Good on you to do your own research. I myself haven’t read Under the Banner of Heaven but I have studied the history of the mormon church quite a bit.
    Let’s just say that in any religion there will be zealots. People who take what their religious leaders say to extremes. It is unfortunate but true. That’s why so many people are turning to atheism.

    Joseph Smith was very loved and very hated (falsely imprisoned several times and even murdered). Those who hated him were typically close to him at some point and became apostates because they were offended in some way. Many of them made it their goal in life to defame Smith and created rumors and lies. Was Joseph Smith perfect? No, Christ is the only perfect man to live on this earth. I’ve never met him but I have grown up in the church he established and am grateful that he sacrificed his life to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  89. Here is the LDS Church’s response to that book.

  90. I’m Mormon too, and I noticed that he is LDS. I do videos like him every day, so it’s hard to keep it to yourself

  91. Ya…I watched probably less than 5 minutes and started guessing. That’s why I googled it lol.

  92. That is a big part of Mormonism 😀 Check out

  93. Hi, I am a non-Mormon from the agnostic East Coast. I was reading this to find out some info about the funny Shaytards, and I was really surprised by some of the hate being spewed at “believers”. Religion is nothing if not a personal quest for meaning, and people find answers and meaning in different places. Mormons are free to be Mormons without ongoing persecution from better-than-though internet trolls. You, Bryan, can also beleive whatever you like, but why do you feel compelled to mount an expose attack. you probably have one of those Darwin fish with legs bumper skickers. I too think Creation and Bible stories are far-fetched, and also believe religion has cultish qualities, but I would never try to impose my beliefs on another. It’s hateful, unamerican, and reeks of pretentiousness. So back off, buddy, and let the good, altrustic, god-fearing folks with strong families be. Thanks.

  94. Hi, I am a non-Mormon from the agnostic East Coast. I’m going to post this again toward the bottom. I was reading this to find out some info about the funny Shaytards, and I was really surprised by some of the hate being spewed at “believers” (not you Whitney, just replying here). Religion is nothing if not a personal quest for meaning, and people find answers and meaning in different places. Mormons are free to be Mormons without ongoing persecution from better-than-though internet trolls. You, Bryan, can also beleive whatever you like, but why do you feel compelled to mount an expose attack. you probably have one of those Darwin fish with legs bumper skickers. I too think Creation and Bible stories are far-fetched, and also believe religion has cultish qualities, but I would never try to impose my beliefs on another. It’s hateful, unamerican, and reeks of pretentiousness. So back off, buddy, and let the good, altrustic, god-fearing folks with strong families be. Thanks. That said, lose the door-to-door stuff :)

  95. i do realize that missions are a big part of the Mormon church, Whitney. i just don’t like how so many people think we “force” our young men to serve two-year missions. growing up i had several friends who thought that young men were disowned by their parents or kicked out of the church if they didn’t serve missions. this was probably because so many of them go on missions, so people think it’s mandatory and will “make or break you” as a Mormon.

  96. ummm ya you sound like you really know what your talking about since you know so much about the Mormon Church. Shut up seriously. you don’t know crap. I don’t see why you even care. Is it that big of a deal if shays Mormon or not? No. So just don’t go around saying things you don’t know anything about. Until you read the book of Mormon, go to church, and get baptized, dont say anything about what we believe in.

  97. He’s mormon. They went to temple square in a couple of there videos. And he posted a video about how hes a returned missionary and all about the church but ended up taking it down

  98. The US needs to stop churning out cults, seriously. Enough is enough.

  99. I totally felt that too! There were no real signs in the first videos that I watched but I just had this feeling that they were Mormon. It was crazy when I found out haha. The same thing happened when I started reading Twilight…

  100. This is directed to Candice who replied to Reverend_Kansas: Candice, I am not Mormon but I have served with many Mormons in Boy Scouts at the district and council level. Not one of them would have attacked the reverend like you did nor would they have used the language that you did. You don’t further your cause or persuade people of your righteousness with obscenities and hatefulness.

  101. The wisest people i know have bared their Testimony to me of the truthfullness of this church. alot of them are converts too. most even come to tears when they speak of their father in heaven and his great plan for us. it is very warming to the soul to hear people who havent even grown up knowing what a mormon was, express their love for this church and its members.

    I just dont understand why so many of you hate. Hate us blindly like we are commiting great whoredoms or something.

    Why would you hate something that expounds on love, happiness, living a good life.
    Something that promises Eternal life with our loved ones. To be able to live with our heavenly father and be happy forever.

    I am so happy to be apart of this church. im grateful for the leaders i have and all the great things ive been able to learn,do, and accomplish because of them.
    I am grateful for the atonement and sacrifice of the savior, Jesus Christ.

    This church IS the true church. i know it. I believe that it is one of the last things on this Earth that has not been corrupted.

    Please. Though everybody has their beliefs and oppinions, Love one another. Be kind and good to eachother.

    No matter where you come from.

  102. Sarah, this is meant for you but for some reason it will not let me replay to your message so i hope you see this.

    your right. i probably should not have said that to Will. my temper got the best of me and for that i am sorry.

    however I do believe that someday. perhaps billions of years from now. i will be able to have god like powers like my heavenly father does.
    did you also know (sidenote) that mormons believe the bible to be true as far as it is translated correctly?

  103. I am not an overtly religious person. I am still a teenager, so I am trying to figure things out. I was raised in an anglican household, but my parents do not force me to practice the religion and have encouraged me to find what suits me best. They also get extremely angry with anyone who bashes another person’s beliefs. As much as we would like to think our religion or beliefs are ‘right’, how is anyone to know. I may be naive, but truly, it seems really pretentious to belittle others values. This is a loving and fun family. I honestly wish my childhood was more like this growing up. So they mush be doing something right. I like the idea that they are not only focused on some kind of afterlife, but the present as well. It is way less morbid.
    but hey, I am just a teen

  104. This entire debate over the religion of the Shaytards is rediculous. Who cares whether or not they are mormons. All that matters, in my opinion, is that they are a great family in which the parents are obviously doing something right as they have such a loving family. I’m glad that they are on the internet as it is really refreshing to see such a great family. Their religious beliefs are irrelivant.

  105. As a Christian, I truly admire the obvious family values (love, repsect, companionship, fellowship etc..) displayed CONSTANTLY in their vlogs. But from what little I do know know about LDS… it is flawed in the area of salvation thru the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I am sadden to think that such a sweet and loving family doesnt truly own this precious gift from God. Unfortunately, there will be alot of “GOOD” people not in heaven… I am not judging them! I think they are AWESOME! So they are in my prayers.

    In HIM

  106. I’m a stay at home mom and spend most of my time with my family. I wear Bermuda shorts which are knee length. I go to church on Sundays. And I want a herd of kids. But I am not Mormon, I just love being a mom. This is just what all Americans with morals and family values do. I know it’s a hard concept when people glorify single & teenage moms. People still do fall in love, get married, AND THEN have kids that they want and planned for, not just Mormons, lol.

    The shaytards never preach religion, and are just about having fun as a family, just like I do. I do watch occasionally when I have time and remember. I wish there were more families like them in this country, then we would have so many problems.

  107. Shay actually says he is Mormon in one of the first SHAYTARDS videos.

  108. I respect that you’re giving a shoutout to them, but you really didn’t need to add their town…

  109. im a catholic and i do not think the Book of mormons is true but at least they have family spirit, they are caring, and friendly ect.. i do not believe in them but i belive that it is useless to start judging them and being disrespectful to them. thanks ( i am 13 years old and i ended up here due to the fact i was searching shaytards childrens name and it sent me here )

  110. I think no one has yet to really hit the nail on the head here with the mormons. I was a JW (Jehovah’s witness) myself and after some research it was quite easy to find out that the JW’s, mormons are basically one in the same; a spawn of the masonic temple order. The imagery is ridden throughout the mormon temple. Google mormon temple handshake or mormon all seing eye. Why does the mormon temple have the secret masonic handshake on its walls? Or the illuminati/masonic all seeing eye on many of its towers? Its all about money and control and power, those in control really do laugh and think you are all vunerable gullable people.

    Do some academic research folks pull your head out of the sand.

  111. Not to mention the deeper doctrine of the LDS church is riddled with masonic ritual. The average church attender will never know what happens behind the closed doors of the high ranking officials and members. We have to rely on the testimony of those high up who have escaped cults like mormonism and the JW’s to inform the world of their true intent/practices. It’s absolutely naive to think that what you see and hear at an LDS temple is what you get. It literally takes an hour of youtubing and wikipedia/google research to get inside info about what the church is about:


  112. It is pretty crazy that in the year 2010 people still believe the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is a cult. Leave the Mormons alone. I thought we were supposed to be beyond hate and prejudices by now. They are just trying to find their own peace and happiness. Shaytards seem like a happy family. How many of us secretly wish we had that?

  113. I’m subscribed to Shaytards but haven’t watched the videos much…. been to busy… until now. I wear knee length (or longer) bottoms and go to church every Sunday– and I’m Catholic haha! Well I knew they probably weren’t Catholic because they favourited a video poking fun of us (but that could have meant they were Catholics with an extremely good sense of humour 😉 ) But in a recent video about Jesus uploading videos in heaven, he mentioned how he would be married in heaven and all and I thought that sounded a bit Mormon. Anyway, just my thoughts. They have a nice family. I don’t agree with LDS beliefs but it’s no reason to judge them…

  114. Ya the bible says not to change the words of god. But the book of mormon dosent change anything, it supports the bible. Plus MAN is not adding anything to the bible joseph smith simply translated it. If you want to call mormanism a cult then what are you? Everything is a cult when you give it those standards. Why spend the rest of your life hating a religion? Mormans don’t put you down or your religion and if its people who believe in god you don’t like, just think, you might not think god is real but is it really hurting you that someone does? Stop hating and love your brothers and sisters. Love and laughter never hurt anyone and if you don’t like that your not living life.

  115. gee, Txguy. you claim to not be judging the Shaytards, but then you say that they’re not going to heaven and that they don’t own the “precious gift from God?” how can you be the judge of whether or not they’ll go to heaven when they die? i for one believe that all good people with good moral values and clean lives, like the Shaytards, will go to heaven, and I’m sure God feels the same way. i doubt God would really send the Shaytards to Hell simply for being Mormon. it’s stupid to think that someone won’t go to heaven just because you and other members of your faith don’t agree with their religion and/or think it’s wrong. i guess i could understand if the person belonged to the Church of Satan or something like that. but really, i don’t understand how so many so-called Christians can say that Mormons won’t get into heaven simply because of their beliefs. it’s not like there are any evil practices involved with the faith.

  116. If they are mormons, they must not be very good ones, because Shay’s sworn in a couple of videos, Shay’s sister has a kid and doesn’t seem to be married, and they drink beer.

  117. Ok. Who cares what religion you are?? Let bygones be bygones, i mean really are you that immature??

    @ Anna, Mormons aren’t perfect, just because he has sworn once or twice doesn’t mean hes a “bad” Mormon. Also him being Mormon doesn’t make his sister family Mormon. . . Just sayin not trying to be rude.

  118. He makes a big deal about being surrounded by mormons in one of his videos… I don’t know, doesn’t sound like he’s a mormon.

    I’m Catholic and a lot of my friends wear knee-length shorts and go to Church on sundays. I also know a bunch of protestants who don’t wear anything less than ankle-length and have big families. I don’t think they’re valid reasons to decide Shay is mormon. Not that I’d have a problem with that, I’m just saying.

  119. Also, that myspace page linked above is a fake. The writing style and content doesn’t look at all like Shay’s.

  120. Joseph smith was a freemason, C.T Rusell was a freemason, Elrond Hubbard was a science fiction writer, Sun Myung Moon is a crazy old korean who thinks he is jesus.

    Get the picture here? @lookingforpeace I cant believe its 2010 and people still are this gullible. Do some damn research people and look at those who created these cults. Fuzzy and warm on the outside, full uf messed upu doctrine and practices in the inside. Being an ex-member of one of these cults I can tell you that people throw money at them like no tomorrow. Go and file a freedom of information request for the LDS/JW/Moonie/Scientology financial info over the past 20 years.

    Its all about money and if you cant realise this then your naive.

  121. I come from a big christian family infact the whole country is christian (Slovenia(its in europe)). Me and my family live a couple of metres from a chuirch. I am the only one in my family in hundreds of years that has regacted the faith of my parents.I am an ATHIEST and you know what i love my family, i love nature and i love my friend who dont believe the things i do. WHY CANT YOU JUST LOVE EACH OTHER NO METER WHAT YOUR BELIEVES ARE OR THEIRS. EVERY SO CALLED GOD WANTS LOVE BETWEEN PEOPLE WHY THE POOP CANT YOU GET THAT!? Gues what im 16 years old and i get that, I have read the bible and gues what i wont tell you what i think about (some thoughts should just stay in your harts)and so should you. May LOVE AND HAPPINESS BE WITH YOU

  122. ha, i just started watching the shaytards about a month ago. i had my ‘hunch’ about them being mormons. once they ‘mormon’ parade video showed, thats when i knew. plus he also mentioned a 3 hour church service or whatever and i figured that too.
    probably the coolest mormons ive ever seen…and believe me, i live in a mormon infested town…ha.
    plus all the children are a give away too.

  123. I think it’s an absolute shame that these “Christians” as they claim to be have to threaten and judge the Mormons. I thought that passing judgement was God’s job..not yours…hmm weird. But the LDS church is absolutely not a cult. And these websites are absolutely false. Joseph Smith was not a convicted con-man. Get real! Do you believe everything on the internet? If so…sad for you. Most of the people who post these anti-mormon sites have never met a mormon. You want to get real information on mormonism? go to the strength of youth…read the book of mormon…read all of those and then tell me that Mormonism is a “cult”

  124. How many of you “Mormon Bashers” have looked into what the LDS church truly teaches instead of only reading what your fellow “Bashers” preach about what we as “Mormons” believe. Please do your homework before you just assume because we live by a few different standards we are a cult and are going to hell.

  125. How many of you “Mormon Bashers” have looked into what the LDS church truly teaches instead of only reading what your fellow “Bashers” preach about what we as “Mormons” believe. Please do your homework before you just assume because we live by a few different standards we are a cult and are going to hell. Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet, I read the other day that Snoop Dog had joined the church and that Elvis Presley hadn’t died but faked his death to join the church and is now a Stake President in Idaho, should I believe this, I don’t think so.

  126. Shay and his family ARE LDS. His sister is LDS. She is getting divorced. Shay has cussed a few times in the videos. Lots of Mormons cuss, geez! Some of us smoke and drink Coke and coffee, too-oh the shame! And the poster that said they drink beer is incorrect. No matter what we do, we know that our Church is the “true” Church. No, we don’t think everyone else is gonna burn in hell, unlike Owen up ^^^ there! We happen to love others and respect their choice to worship freely, unlike Owen up ^^^ there.
    Speaking of CONVICTED con men, wasn’t Jesus kinda in the same boat? Just sayin’. :)
    No one is forcing anyone to be LDS, so what is the problem? The people coming down on our Church are doing a similar thing as racists, homophobes, etc. Live and let live.
    The “Shaytards” are an amazing family. I love them!
    Thanks for having this page!

  127. Well I too was looking for more info about Shaycarl and family when I came to this site and my comments are few but heartfelt.

    We live in a world always seeking more/getting more/having more than the next guy but if it involves literally helping the fellow man we are weird. More people feel an entitlement in this life because they don’t have faith in something more than attaining wealth. Regardless of religious practice if we all stopped hating people for their difference of what their heaven is and tried to be better to one another ridicule and hate would not be as prevalent in our society. That is too easy an answer but I believe God put us on this planet for a purpose and hate of people that seemingly gooddoesn’t fit in

  128. Also to respond Shay is a “bad mormon” for swearing and working around undesirable people is further judgenment of religion not only of LDS. If all people were practicing integrity to that the LDS are supposed to then the world would be a better place.
    For the record: I am happy to watch a guy goofing with his family daily and it makes me smile good people are posting on youtube…and getting followed daily by growing numbers…regardless of his religious practices.

  129. Wow…a lot of you people are wack. I just don’t get why people shoot down other people for their beliefs. Won’t it be better if we just treated each other with respect rather than fighting over who’s better? All of these religions have “Blackholes” if you may refer to them as such. The bottom line here is all of us sin, so please don’t act like you are better than others. And Mormon isn’t politically correct people. A member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint is more like it.

  130. Whoa, there are some nasty people saying some nasty things on here.

    I just go by a “love everybody” view of life and it seems to work for me.

    I adore the Shaytards and I couldn’t possibly care less about what religion they are. Anyone can see they’re good people and they love each other a lot. That is the only important thing.

  131. just wondering…what is the deal with the ‘tard’ suffix? (Shaytard, momytard, babytard, etc) Is this is some kind of ‘humorous’ insinuation that they are ‘retards’? If so, it is offensive and in very poor taste.

  132. The ‘tard’ comes from leotard. There is a very early video where shaycarl is dancing around in a leotard.

  133. Wtf is this a morons website???

  134. I’m really astonished at how much bickering there is in this thread. It’s too bad that just because the Shaytards might be Mormons, it would automatically change your opinion of them. Also, it’s too bad that all these Mormon commenters have to get on here and defend their beliefs. What would drive you to tell someone you don’t even know, that their religion is wrong whether they are Mormons, Muslims, Moonies, or Jedis. What gives you the right to challenge the path someone else travels to be a better human?

  135. What gave it away for me was in the first couple videos they go to church a lot and dress a lot like mormons would and they lived in idaho. also princesstard was singing “I love to see the temple” randomly at home one time. Also there was a familiar picture of jesus we have hanging in our church building. there was always one thing that made me doubt whether they were mormon or not wass that shay would curse sometimes. But other than that it was pretty obvious. i love watching their videos and it makes me want a family like theirs.

  136. nothing gave it away for me, but my son guessed they were mormon because they were just too happy and fun. He said they were like the family on a SouthPark episode and then just guessed that the Shaytards were probably Mormon. Well, he guessed right.
    ah well..
    sucks to be them.
    i tried to witness to them, and show them the lies that their religion teaches, but i never heard back from Shay or mommytard. They’re too busy to respond even if they did read my msg and more than likely too far into their brain washing; i doubt there’s any hope for them.
    Shaycarl pretty much disgusts me, while at the same time i find him sometimes funny and quite entertaining. Also he has some respectable qualities about him as far as working to provide for his family and just giving himself to his family.
    they seem to be flying pretty high right now. i doubt it will last much longer, but who knows.

  137. I don’t care what religion they are. The Shaytards are obviously a close loving family who have traditional values. The parents are funny and the kids are cute and sweet. They are much more entertaining and wholesome to watch than the vast majority of the shows on TV. No matter what kind of day I’m having, they always put a smile on my face. I hope they never stop their vlogging….I can handle dropping to once a week or so, but I hope they never stop. THANK YOU SHAYTARDS!!!

  138. Hi guys, huge ShayTards fan here :)

    I’ve read every single comment on this page (lol) and am intrigued to find out more about Mormonism. I’m a Christian (Pentecostal) and I’m not looking to become a Mormon or anything, just a little confused as to what it really is.

    I’d never really heard of Mormonism before the Shaytards and am really confused as to what it really is…I saw that some people said that it was part of Christinanity, but I just did some research and it said that you guys don’t believe in the unity of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit?

    Also, the making of new bibles and scriptures seems wrong-if you believe in the Bible, don’t you believe that adding scriptures and saying it’s the word of God is a huge sin?

    Sorry I’m asking so many questions, but could you explain the whole idea of “there are many gods” said by one of your saints or something (I’m sorry, I don’t know his name or anything….I hope I don’t seem disrespectful, I’m just curious.) Oh, and also about the belief that we can become a god too…?

    Sorry if this a nuisance. I’m just curious to know what it is that you believe because (no offence intended!!!) you don’t sound like Christians, although you appear to be a truly loving religion.

    I hope it didn’t offend anyone, it really wasn’t in my intentions to do so. :)

  139. OOps, sorry again. One more quick question: What are the restrictions to clothing and lifestyle Mormonisms have? I saw something about having to wear knee-length shorts or something?

    God bless x


  141. I guess I’m a little late to this debate but I’d be interested if any mormon could answer me a few questions. I love the shaytards by the way, think they’re great people, don’t really care what religion they are. I did look up mormonism today though, just to satisfy my curiousity. Anyway, could someone explain the mormon ‘tithing’ to me? Is it true you give 10% of your earnings to the church? And are somewhat pressured into doing so? Like, ‘if you don’t tithe the full amount, you’re not going to the highest heaven’? Also, why is it never published what the money is spent on? I am in no way insinuating that mormonism is a cult but … that did confuse me a little.

  142. I’m raising my hand. The tip off for me was so many kids and the video of them going to church.

  143. Anyone that is familiar with the Apocrypha in the Old Testament and the New Testament? A lot of books than many churches and denominations accept even if they have the Bible. It took many years until the New Testament was written, and the disciples didn’t have the New Testament.

    The Book of Mormon belongs to the Mormon Apocrypha. Mormons use King James version of the Bible, and the study notes that Joseph Smith did for himself on special Bible passages are ment to be just study notes, not something mormons use instead of the Bible.

    Anyone that thinks that mormons are racists have forgotten their church history. Methodists and Baptists and other protestant christians have a big problem. Just read the whole story.

    And for anyone that still thinks that Joseph Smith and the early leaders said crazy things. Why believe rumors? Most things that mormon leaders say are personal stuff, not like the Pope when he speaks “ex cathedra”. Members and leaders in the Mormon Church are allowed to think and speculate about theological matters when they want to, but that doesn’t mean that everyone else needs to think in the same way. Read what many leaders in other christian denominations said when they lived. Like it? Probably not!

    Instead of attacking mormons… understand that it is not possible to own the word “christian”. So, if someone wants to call themselves a christian, that’s fine. It is Jesus who is the judge, not people.

    When Jesus attacked the Pharisees and the Saducees, it was because they planned to murder him. That’s why he was so angry at them and said things to them. But some christians take that as an excuse to attack mormons and tell them that they will end up in hell, because Jesus attacked some people… There is a difference… mormons are not planning to murder Jesus. Jesus said that anyone that was not against him was for him. Mormons are for Jesus. It is easy to understand.

    Why not try to take a few minutes to read a very long article in Financial Times about mormons, “The Rise of a New Generations of Mormons”. It could give some new insight and understanding.

  144. @Jen, tithing is true people do give 10% of income, they don’t force you to pay it and if your having financial issues you don’t have to pay, you will not go to hell or anything if you don’t pay its something that is advised and people do it because they want to. The money is used for many different things building churches, temples, helping members who are having financial difficulties, the church has even sent money to relief efforts to places who have been hit with floods, earthquakes etc. it is NOT used to pay any of the churches leaders unlike other churches they do not get paid.

    my parents and some other family are members. I personally haven’t gone since I was younger but this is what I remember.

    P.S Fundamentalist Mormons and LDS church (Mormons as a “nick name”) are different!!! Some above comments seem a little more pointed towards the Fundamentalist Mormons who believe in Polygamy and are still racist etc. (I did not read all the comments in detail but that’s what it seemed to me)

    P.S.S The Shaytard are awesome!!!

  145. if you have any questions about the LDS Church. just go to this site:

    if you want to discuss/talk to someone, here is a good message board:

  146. one word. EVOLUTION.

    now explain to me how the earth was created, with some facts.

  147. I knew they were Mormon in the way that they dressed (conservative). The fact they live in the Idaho/Utah area. And seeing them at the church..even though he doesn’t really ever show it fully, you can tell it is a Temple. My mother and her family grew up Mormon and I have Mormon family members (cousins, grandparents, uncles and aunts), but I for one did not grow up Mormon, because my Mom left the church to marry my dad who is Catholic. I’ve been to both churches, and was given the choice to choose what religion to follow ( I have yet to choose one and I’m 24). I feel as long as you live a life that is moral and ethical (not murdering, stealing, getting high, etc.) then why would you need to have a Religion? I guess for guidance to the Afterlife. But seems to me that Religion is just structured Laws set by a “Higher Being” so that there isn’t chaos (which there is any ways no matter what religion you follow). There is too much of a struggle to people in society about “WHICH RELIGION IS CORRECT…” Honestly, who knows? But that is LIFE. One religion is not higher then the other. Religion just seems to create more conflict between the people…And that to me is horrible. As long as we are treating each other with Love and compassion, why does it matter? I love the Shaytards for the way they love their family…they have fun, they enjoy Life. And I will like them no matter what.

  148. Did they meet through the church, or at high school? How old are they now?

  149. i believed they were mormon and still do…but something i recently found set me back, it was a pic of shay and katilette at the beach and katilette was pregnant with sontard in the pic, u couldnt really tell tho, any ways, back to my point, they were at the beach and the were wearing their swimsuits but katilette was wearing a bikini so hopefully she’s changed her standards by now…/:

  150. heres how to find it. if you have a facebook, log on. become a fan of ShayCarl(, click on photos, scroll down to where is says Photos by Others, go to pg. 18, and the picture should be there. mommytard is wearing a blue bikini and shay is wearing short shorts and a red Hurley shirt.

  151. I just realized he was a Mormon when he showed his passport and mentioned his 2 year trip to some islands. I always assumed he wasn’t a Mormon because of his coarse humor.

    I’d say he’s a jack Mormon.

  152. i just watched the shaytards video ” baby make out session” and in the backround when mommytard was filming there was a picture of what i think is her father and 2 OLDER WOMAN and 6 kids …is her side of the family polygamist ?

  153. you mormons are sick. The shaytards throw their kids up in the air, put their kids in plastic boxes and shut the lid…make jokes about child labor, and if you think they are a good representation of mormonism, funny, i feel sorry for you. I would hate to see what other mormons do. Not to mention the starter of the religion hated black people. YOu people are sick. And shay gets off on lying about liking gay people, but yet he criticizes obama up and down (i’ve heard him) and he doesn’t have a good reason because he doesn’t have the brain to realize what goes on in the world. I don’t like obama, but i also don’t like bush, clinton, or anyone since JFK. But that man is too dumb to understand politics. In fact he mumbles under his breath that he hates obama, or has in the past. He’s a white, fat, republican voter because he’s a racist, not because he has a legitimate reason. And don’t tell me your church isn’t racist, i had a friend that was filipino that was mormon, so i know you have all races, that doesn’t change the fact that most in utah are white and it was started by a neo nazi type if you will. Get a life you polygamist types! Oh and start using condoms! We don’t need your spawn here on the planet! We need strong minded people (unlike the dumb, that admit they are dumb, they call themselves tards afterall!)

  154. […] Vegas and they post a video about twice a week. Earlier this year I believe he got a shout out from shaycarl and already has over 50,000 […]

  155. Sarah from Australia,

    A few responses to your questions.

    On becoming like God: The message is stronger, I would say, in the Bible than in any exclusively Mormon scriptures.

    You are gods and children of god (Psalms 82:6; John 10:34-35)
    You are children and heirs of God (Romans 8:16-17)

    Christ prays that his followers will be one with him EVEN AS he is one with the Father, and be perfect in that oneness (John 17) (This chapter also implies that the oneness of Christ and the Father does not mean one in essence, but that they are unified or one in glory and purpose and want the same for us).

    Christ invites those who overcome to sit with him in his throne EVEN AS he overcame and sits with his Father in his throne (Revelation 3:27)

    There are many more, but these are some of the more obvious.

    Mormons believe in one God, the Father, in the same sense that a person has only one father on earth. You probably have only one father, but that doesn’t necessarily rule out the possibility that there are other fathers for other people. Similarly, there is only one God that we all can collectively call Father. Jesus called him “my Father and your Father, my God and your God.” In another sense there is only one God, which is also explained by John 17. There is no god that is not one with the Father in purpose, will, glory, etc. So when the Gods (e.g. Father, Son and Spirit) are united in purpose, they are one–there is in this sense only one God. The Hebrew word for God, by the way, is often written in the plural in the Old Testament (Elohim), but translated in the singular in English (God), but it is the same word used to describe human beings in Psalms 82:6–except non-capitalized (elohim).

    On more scriptures: The Bible doesn’t exclude the possibility of more revelations being given in the future. The books of Deuteronomy and Revelation include cautions not to add or take away from those books or revelations, but the Bible as we know it now wasn’t compiled at the time those books were written, so those cautions don’t apply to the whole book.

    The more important caution is not to alter the meaning of the gospel. However, we believe that our understanding of the gospel is more in line with what Jesus taught than that which emerged several centuries later in the Catholic and subsequently mainline Protestant churches. Not that we have anything against them, but simply that we believe our understanding the Bible is closer to the original intent (and they believe the reverse).

    The main difference is that we believe you can find out which beliefs are more correct by directly asking God the Father in the name of Christ, rather than endlessly arguing over different interpretations of scripture as has been typical of the Catholic and Protestant “wars” (sometimes physical wars, sometimes only verbal, but still ongoing).

  156. I am a christian and i think it is very interesting that some mormons depend themselves by showing how their belief is based on bible. If you believe in the bible, why not become a christian believer?

  157. We ARE Christian believers. What do you mean? Of course we believe the Bible.

  158. It’s obvious. In his video Kid tackles suitcase, he says in one part ‘Fast and the Furious: Mormon Drift’. You have to see the video to understand why they are saying it though.

  159. ‘Hi Morons, I mean Mormons’,

    How can you say that all the Mormons are sick?
    Many people throw their kids in the air. The kids find it fun. Shay only put the lid on the plastic box for about 10 seconds, and they kids ALSO wanted him to. He makes jokes about child labour, because the kids are doing their chores like most kids do. How do you know he secretly hates gays? A huge number of people criticize O’Bama, not just Shay. Even YOU don’t like O’Bama. You don’t know that he voted for the republicans, and just because he doesn’t like one person, DOESN’T mean he’s racist. And you have a Filipino friend who is a Mormon, would that mean they aren’t racist, because they are accepting other races as well?

    You are a fine example of prejudice.

  160. even if there are people who hate the Shaytards simply because of their religion, why should the Shaytards even care? in the end, the laugh is on all the haters. the Shaytard viewership and fanbase grows more and more everyday, and more and more newcomers to their videos start to respect and admire them everyday. and who cares if they’re more liberal-minded “Jack-Mormons?” at least they show that not all Mormons are tightly-wound and don’t know how to have a good time.

  161. @ All the people that call Mormonism a cult.

    I am an atheist. I do not have a dog in the fight, you might say, but….

    The more I see Mormons and Mormon families, the more I think, “Maybe they got it right”. All religion can be called a cult at some level. Religion is here to fill voids in our lives. As religions go, I’ve witnessed as a group, many more happy and loving Mormon families then just about any other sect.

    If you want to hate on people that have found happiness, who do you think the bigger loser is?

    Maybe you need to find a little light in yourself, before condemning others.

  162. i watch shaytards on a daily basis and have never questioned their religious beliefs. i was born and raised in the salvation army myself and have been raised to accept everyone for who they are, not for what religion they follow. with that being said, does it really matter if the shaytards are mormon or not? shaycarl helped so many channels succeed on youtube. he helped form thestation and thestation2. he’s also inspired me to start my own vlogs on youtube. my channel is randomcrazyfun76 if you want to check it out. i basically have a weekly vlog compiled of videos i take during the week with random “one take vlogs” that were inspired by shay’s “one take sunday” videos.
    to me, religion is a state of mind. if you are a good person to yourself and those around you, it doesn’t matter what religion you were raised in, people will like and respect you for who you are.

  163. […] and Reverence. It was a nice lesson of how we can do good in the world. It makes us wonder “What religion are the Shaytards?” Well, I am a contributor to the blog and we guess they are Mormons, or in […]

  164. In one of the vlogs he was wearing magic underwear! :p

  165. They are Irish Catholics

  166. Sociologic research states that religious groups fall essentially into one of three types. Typically, a religion will thrive only through growth from one stage to another. And, in a sense, every religion starts as a cult…
    Cult: A new religion, few members, beliefs at odd with dominant groups.

    If the cult begins to grow it becomes a Sect…
    Sect: Been around for a longer amount of time, teaching may still be at odds and tension with the dominant groups, growth in numbers and more populated than a cult.

    Which, if continue to grow:
    Church: Highly bureaucratic, have a National/International headquarters, conducts large sedate church services or worship.

    One can not jump from one to another. It may happen rapidly, or it may happen slowly, but in order for a structure to succeed, it must go through these steps.

    The Mormon church has gone through each one of these steps, which shows that they are not a cult, they have grown to a religion and has been proven to be one of the fastest growing faiths.

    No matter what a person’s belief system, whether they disagree with the practices or values or support it. One cannot state that the Mormon CHURCH is a cult, because it is not.

  167. first off, most of these “mormon haters” are probably just reacting to the sexual perverts that like to take 13 yr old “wives” and the fact that joseph smith had to change up his story a little bit when asked for proof of those mystical “golden tablets” that only he could read, with tales of Yahweh being on another planet – the entire book is farfetched enough to be one of babytard’s stories.


    so are the old and new testament in outsiders eyes. all some people see are abortion clinics being bombed, holy wars, and greedy men in fancy hats that “like” children too. and the whole “speaking in tongues” thing is a HUGE stretch on what most people these days are willing to accept as “sane”


    isn’t that the point though? having faith in something not easily understood? if everyone was as right as they believe it would be a VERY WIDE “Narrow path” don’t you think?

    and i never heard of Jesus flipping someone off because He disagreed with someone’s world view – He just loved them. in fact, He DIED for them, and He didn’t once blame them

    but as long as a faith is headed or lead or even has to do with humans,
    because WE are broken, imperfect, and – alone – hopeless

    if your purpose for following ANY faith is to find “Heaven” or be “SAVED” then your motives are terrible and selfish, and you need a “come to ‘whoever you serve’ moment” – because it is about receiving His love, having a relationship with the Creator, and making the world a better place – not by SAVING, but just by LOVING

    do not be a stumbling block, be a stepping stone

    with fearless love

  168. well said zia.

    our purpose should definitely be to love and strive to be more like christ.

  169. They are mormons, yes. He said so in one or two vlogs and not so long ago he posted a Twitter picture in a mormon gathering.

  170. I love all of you

  171. I love the Shaytards mostly because it reminds me of my family growing up. We are not LDS but are AG and I loved the way our family functioned. We are all verry close and have done great things in our community. My husband and I are both working on our M. Div and are youth pastors. I say all that because it is due to the way we were raised. I know that Shay’s children will grow up to be wonderfull children that make a difference in the world. I hope all of the people viewing the Shaytards can see how a family should function and do the same in their family.


    Mommy tard in a Bikini… Mormon?? HMMM interesting..

  173. ah, I’m not so sure about this, there have been several videos with Momytard in a bikini… so I’m still hoping that they don’t belong to such a horrible cult.

  174. I’m LDS a used to wear bikinis all the time. A lot of LDS women do. We’re not a cult.

  175. I Used to be Mormon… im 14 i Started to have suspicions as 14 year olds do… i did research and a lot of convincing stuff came up… He was a criminal. 2 His Book the book of Mormon was change over 4000!!! times… 3 The Bible and his book have many contradictions one says he didn’t other says he did. (He is referring to god).. 4 They Are Unbelievably nice to welcome you to the church( I Know this from moving a lot) But God forbid you try to leave they might as well tie you up and burn you. 5 they hate gays.. i personally don’t approve but there Americans they can do what they want, i don’t care if someones gay ill still be there friend if there a good person.. That doesn’t go for all a lot of them are nice either way. what i dont get is way do people of all religion say you have to be apart of there club to get to heaven…. its like Costco sure you can shop here you just better be apart of our club… I do believe in god. and Jesus. but really who the hell cares there all hilarious, ya it was a little weird figure out they were right after i secretly stopped believing still wont tell anyone but haven’t gone to church in months. but i got over it there so damn funny.
    sincerely an ex-mormon B***

  176. do you really think the Shaytards would tie you up and burn you if you left the Mormon Church? do you really think that they hate gays? and why do people think that Mormons aren’t allowed to wear bikinis? i don’t know where that theory came from. it’s almost as bizarre as thinking they’re not allowed to dance either. it’s 2011, people. when are you all going to learn that today’s Mormons do and wear pretty much the same things as everyone else?

  177. I think this is ridiculous, the point of the thread was not only about religion, but the Shaytards. Everyone will have mixed feelings of what they are introduced to based on HOW it is presented to them.

    My best friend is LDS, there are some thing about the religion I appreciate, others that I am completely turned off by. Would I ever become a Mormon, no, however people are being closed-minded about the whole issue. What is so cult-like about the Shaytards? Do they live a restricting life? Does their religion force them to miss out on anything? Not that I’ve seen. Their kids have done more than most average families without much argument.

    Open your eyes, I can understand having a bad experience with the religion, I’ve been there, but not all followers are the same. Some Methodists are more restricting than Mormons, it depends on the family. That is the POINT.

  178. I was disowned for leaving the Mormon Cult. It really is just that. It may not be an extreme cult like other ones but it uses cult-like ideology and tactics to influence the minds and behavior of its members and making not allotting 10% of your total income tantamount to spiritual isolation. And I know for a FACT they believe in multiple gods: I went to church 1-6 times a week for nearly 16 years. They also believe men will become gods along with their wives to create their own planets and likely preside over their own plan of salvation. Joseph Smith sourced the Book of Mormon from many places including the KJV Bible, the KJV Biblical Apocrypha(yes, the KJV Bible used to often have many Deuterocanonical & Apocryphal books included with it, that’s where he got the name “Nephi” from), View of the Hebrews and The Wonders of Nature, among other possible unconfirmed sources. Even though he plagiarized nearly word for word many passages/verses from these books, he often used them by taking ideas and narratives from them and combining them together. Not to say much of it wasn’t directly from his imagination though. He even used a dream his father had as the basis for Lehi’s vision. Joseph was also quite well educated for a youth growing up in rural New England in the 19th century, reading the Bible from a very young age and attested by his parents and others to be of above average intelligence. He was also far from illiterate which is easily attested by the fact he wrote the Book of Mormon and other books in the first place (he didn’t ALWAYS have a scribe doing it for him). I totally agree you should not judge a religion, especially such a modern one, by it’s members. I prefer to judge them by their founder’s actions and their doctrines. Joseph Smith established and subsequently bankrupted a banking venture he had earlier proclaimed would become “one of the greatest institutions on earth” then fled that state under the cover of night before an angry mob could come looking for repayment. He married and slept with over 30 woman, many under the age of 18 or already married, and even was forced to marry a 14 year old Fanny Alger after her father discovered they were having sexual relations(Joseph had already been married to his first wife for many years at this time by the way). There’s so many more examples you could create a Wikipedia’s worth of them, and I’m sure other already have done so, so I will end it here. It is true that many mormons don’t even know many of the doctrines their Prophets and notables have expounded over the course of the church’s existence, either that or many that do know of them avoid in depth discussion of them or say they don’t apply any more. So if you talk to one make sure they don’t hold back any of the harder to swallow facts of their church to deceive you into believing it’s something it not: a Christian religion. Their christ is not The Christ found in the Bible and neither is their god though they have syncreted it into such.

  179. good point. when i think of people who are “cult-like” i think of groups like the Branch Davidians, the People’s Temple, Heaven’s Gate, the Ku Klux Klan, the Manson Family members, or members of the Westboro Baptist Church. i’m surprised that people can still call the Mormon Church a cult after seeing how normal and sane the Shaytards and other Mormons out there are.

  180. I think the Shaytards are awesome people. I think religion is like sports, some people take it to seriously on their team, some recreational with buddies and some just aren’t sporty people. Regardless of what “side” you’re on, it’s courteous to have good sportsmanship.

  181. truthfully i thought at first they mightt be mormons, but thought they were way to cool and nice to be mormons since all the mormons i meet are bossy and mean… lol!

  182. ILOVE the shaytards. and until looking this stuff up online about them i thought mormans were some weird awful cult religeon but, they seem to have mostly good values from reading this. but, if mormans don’t want to be seen as a creepy cult i would suggest going by “later day saints” not “mormons” just my opinions later day saints sounds peaceful and nice, mormon is a weird word. does anyone know where it came from btw (the name mormon)? I don’t agree with any religeon at all but the shaytards seem to be a wonderful family and if mormons are like that then i think it seems like an okay thing. however, since mormons are thought of as a odd religeon and not very common it makes me wonder why, there must be some reason that people have bad thoughts about them right?

  183. Shay has already said that him and his family are Mormons. He has actually said it quite a few times on the vlogs

  184. Guys stop trying seriously. I am not a mormon but I read all the bull out there about them. It is funny because my father is a lot like those people posting here. A mormon missionary came over to our house once and we had an in-depth conversation about mormons and what they believe in. My father kept trying to argue with him. I ask you… How can you argue about someones belief?

    You have the right to disagree but you don’t have the right to slander someone for believing differently than you. You guys that shout “cult” at the top of your lungs are large hypocrites. You don’t even know the definition of a cult. Cults are small groups of people who’s leaders practice authoritarian and exploitative rituals. I don’t think any mormon feels exploited.

    My family is hardcore southern baptist and it only brought us misery and sadness as children. Every mormon family I met seems to be amazing and happy. Satan doesn’t want anyone to be happy. So if they really are a cult of devil worshipers why are they allowed to be happy? As soon as me and my wife get married tomorrow and are back from our honeymoon we are going to their church to see what its all about.

    For all the mormons in here: Good for you. Stand up for your beliefs.

    For all the people who disagree but don’t slander: Your maturity demands respect, and your honor is commendable.

    For all of you yelling “Cult” and other slanderous things: Your ignorance is louder than your words.

  185. Not mormon, but have mormon friends. I’ve gone to church with them often and other LDS events. Many mormons are great people. The church seems to be a nicely connected environment. There when you need them and even when you don’t.

    But along with the good, there is some bad. Some testimonies rubbed me the wrong way. A young girl spoke of talking to her friends about LDS Church because she wants them to go to heaven. I was like, are they teaching their children that nonmembers go to hell? Also the mormon boy song that girls sing about meeting a nice mormon boy, and the stigma to marrying outside the church are also things I don’t like.

    Regardless of whether you believe in God, church seems to give people an idea of how to live their lives and be good people, while also giving people something to believe in and it’s a good community of people. But that’s not to say you can’t be and have those things outside of a church.

  186. I have a few things to address here.
    1. Do not preach how loving and wonderful the entire Mormon faith is. Do I think everyday Sally and Johnny Mormon are bad people? Of course not. My problem lies with the establishment. The Mormon stance on gay marriage and gay rights in general is a bigoted one. God does not teach bigotry. This of course is not my only problem with Mormonism and for the record I would have this criticism for many religious groups. Oh and before you all assume I identify as a member of the LGBTQ community you would be wrong. Simply a straight girl who does not believe in the restriction of civil rights for anyone.
    2. Every one seems to think that the Shaytards’ family life is a rosy one and that it MUST be because of their faith. May I remind you that they edit their own material? Why would they present anything other than the “perfect American family” image? Their ability to edit together a loving family life is not a testament to the Mormon church. And lastly, I love watching the Shaytards but do I look to them as role models, absolutely not. We should not be taking life lessons from anything in the media.

  187. Shaytards posted a video called The Mormoms Are Coming! Go look at it.

  188. I don’t give a crap if they’re Mormon, I wouldn’t even care if they turned out to be some weird vampire/witch worshiping cult because I have so much respect for the value they clearly place on family and doing good in the world! and if the lds church has ANYTHING to do with creating this amazing little family unit then I have nothing but respect for the church and it’s followers.

    I’m a scientist and wasn’t raised with any particular affiliation but I have to admit, the way the men in particular behave in Shay carl’s family makes me seriously consider looking at my beliefs and picking up a mormon bloke! (no disrespect meant- it’s just hard to find truly good men around these days..especially in australia- theyre all alcoholic misogynists)

    Oh and Haley, I totally understand what you’re saying about gay rights- I too am a straight person who believes in loving and respecting the fact that people are born they way they’re born. But I don’t feel they are ‘editing’ how the family functions as a unit…of course they probably edit out tantrums but you could never hold that against anyone.

    Kudos to the mormon church for aiding in creating such wonderful human beings!

  189. I made a game called Happiness is a Choice in honor of the Shaytards gigantic painting and their life philosophy. It’s fun!

  190. What the hell is a mormon?!? I don’t think we have them in the uk :\

  191. Don’t care and don’t want to hear about mormons religion but shaytards are cool people.
    Sad cause some idiots have to bring the religion up and to say that’s why shayards are so cool . That’s a bunch of BS and mormon religion has nothing ( absolutely nothing ) with shauyards being cool.
    There are nice and stupid people from every religion.

  192. i respect mormons and all but you don’t have to be mormon to have a fun loving family.

    my mum’s a christian and my dad isnt and i have great relationship with them. I tell them everything. My parents have fun with me, they’re practically my friends but i still have respect for them. I’m not saying the shaytards arn’t mormon, although i have no problem with them being mormom, i just dont think you can judge the fact that the parents love having fun with their children make them. AND you don’t have to be chrisitian to be a nice person. My dad is a kind loving man, will do anything and is never rude, and he’s not christian.

    ALSO, im not saying that being fun and family orientated isnt mormon, im just saying that parents can have a good relationship with their kids, it just depends how they bring them up. i’ve always had a mature relationship with my parents, they talk to me like im their adult friends.

    oh and i quick message to “Hi Morans, I mean Mormons” you said that Mormons hated black people. Um, ALOT OF PEOPLE HATED BLACK PEOPLE. It wasnt just a religion and that was a long time ago. I mean Apartheid and Segregation in US, they weren’t caused by Mormons, in fact Apartheid was associated with the Dutch Reformed Church. They were involved with the majority of the racial diversions that occurred in the Apartheid years. I think it is stupid of you to blame racism on one religion, when really it can be any and many.

    One last thing, the bible states that christians will go to bible, those who believe jesus is the son God. There are many religions under the term “Christians” and whether those who are Mormon and consider themselves Christians, then according to the bible, they will go to heaven. ALthough i do not know much about Mormonism, so excuse me if i got the last bit wrong.

  193. Seems like there have been a few similar comments that I want to clarify.

    I agree completely that you don’t have to be mormon to have a happy family. In fact, I know there are more non mormon happy families than happy mormon families. Mormons only make up like less than 1% of the population.

    My purpose in pointing out the fact the shaytards are mormon isn’t to prove that mormons are better than anyone else. Being mormon doesn’t make you better. My point is that the shaytards religion is probably a big part of their life that they tend to not share very much but it is something that defines, in part but not completely, who they are.

    Our spiritual beliefs can drive our moral standards and for the shaytards that means family first. Mormons believe that we can be with our family for eternity so we tend to focus on building a strong family relationship.

    No one has to care that they’re mormon and you are free to ignore that fact and say, “They’re cool EVEN THOUGH they’re Mormon” or you can take the approach of, “Hey, I wonder what they believe and how that might motivate them to do the things they do. Maybe I should investigate this further and see what it is all about.”

  194. I like the Shaytards…. That is all and I feel bad for the hate that I read in here.

  195. Religion ruins people who blindly follow it. I couldn’t careless what religion the Shaytards are! They are an amazing family that love and care for each other. Religion can really suck sometimes

  196. I think it’s cool they’re mormon, see, were not crazy! I bein’ mormon, think familys like this are amazing.
    Were not a cult, sorry, not bein’ rude, but i believe your wrong there. i mean, if you wanna believe that, then that’s absolutley your own buisness. but you shouldn’t be talking about religons, we all believe different things, it shouldn’t matter to you guys what religion we are if all your gonna do is make fun of it and writing rude comments about it when you obviously don’t know everything about it, so please be respectful and stop acting like you do, god wouldn’t point fingers, all that’s important is that you love and respect him and jesus christ.

  197. So im reading these comments and its sad to see all the hate. To all the LDS people how christ-like is it to call others jerks or get butt hurt over what they say. Turn the other cheek be better than that I know for a fact that if you are LDS you should know better. We need to treat others with kindness no matter what they believe how are others supposed to know what the “mormons” are really like if your not being the example you have been taught to be
    As for everyone else what good is it doing to trash on other peoples religions its christmas time dont you think we should all be a littlr more Christ-like to eachother anf accept everyone for who they are its not your place to judge and that goes for everyone

  198. The thing that is tricking me is that in the 2011 christmas special they do swear.

  199. We admire the Butler family a great deal. Even though the vid’s can be kind of intrusive on many different fronts we think in general they help. Shay’s calling is clearly to lift the spirits of his fellow man and woman. We are not LDS but often wish we were as a direct result of the kindness, compassion, intelligence, drive and general love of life that this family seems to represent.

  200. Ok, to all of the people saying things about their religion! There is only one way into heaven and that is having God in your life. So I suggest some of you do that because some of you are being very rude and seem like you don’t have him in your life.

  201. Mormons are a joke!!! Try convincing a deer that lions are “nice” after she has been attacked by a pride. I have never been treated worse in my life by a group of people before. Id hang out with satanic persons before id ever believe that Mormonism isn’t a cult. Normally Id say, be what you want and believe what you want. But I’m a white woman who says f**k that shit!!! Mormons preach to me, to all of us, like WE have no choice, when it was “god” who apparently gave us free will. I’m Scot-Irish and proud that my ancestors paved the way for Christianity but that’s not what I believe. My religon is called Terrism, pronounced, TERRI ISUM. LOL. For all who thought it was a misspelled terrorism. Point being, if being mormon was so Damn great, they wouldnt force women to be second class citizens and that wouldn’t treat outsiders luke shit and then try to convert them. Thanks for reading my rant. Be free and be yourself!!! Matt and Brian rock!

  202. Everyone knows they are Mormon, why is this even a question? I agree with some of the comments here that the Mormon religion has some very strange beliefs that do conflict with the Bible and with history. But nonetheless, they are a wonderful family and have a great YouTube channel. I was wondering though, I watch another family on YouTube, on the KittiesMama channel, do you all think are they Mormon too? I started to wonder when I watched their Christmas videos, but I’m not Mormon so I don’t know what to look for.

  203. […] TweetShareEmail Some of you may know who ShayCarl is. We have featured him and his family in previous posts. He is a YouTube comedian that does skits and also daily vlogs with his family. He is a Mormon and […]

  204. So, okay that was a lot of comments and first of all, I love ShayTards and I thought they could possibly be Mormon, but that never really mattered to me. Teresa don’t blame a certain number of mormons for the way they have treated you. Do you know how many more mormons there are that are different?

    Also some people think if you’re not Mormon we believe you go to hell because of the way people use “Save”. I personally don’t like to use the “Save” term, it doesn’t seem right to me. Anyway you won’t go STRAIGHT to hell. Think about if you’re christan, would God who loves us a lot want to send us straight to hell. Somethings need to be evaluated before that but I’m not going to get into that. Me being from a not so mormon environment always and Mormon, I don’t feel so opressed to be mormon. (I’m 14 by the way). I choose to be, I’m lucky for having that chose, some others don’t because their family will hate them or something, which I always find sad. I really don’t like judgmental Mormons, some are to prideful of our religion, which is not good.(Again I’m Mormon). I don’t like to press my religion on people, but I do state my standards and tell people somethings if they are interested.

    Word of advice don’t look on random websites about Mormons. Go to actual sources, like Also look of the denfintion of cult and lds info. from a good source and match it up. It bothers me when people say mormons do somethings when we don’t, so I’m guessing you didn’t hear a primary source of some sort. Any how, I don’t like to judge anybody really but I’m teenager who really tries not to, so I don’t judge those who bash LDS people or the religion.

    If you think I’m brainwashed I’m not. I’ve had many perspectives of different religions and even no religions like atheist and agnostics. I’ve taken them in with open mind and listen to their perspectives, which what people should do no matter you’re religion for whatever religion. Have open minds for almost anything. Don’t judge a person because of their beliefs, if it makes them happy and they really truly believe in their religion don’t hate them. This goes for any religion.

    My standards for being Mormon keeps me in check, but that doesn’t mean I better than anyone else.

    Well, then i guess it’s cool ShayTards is lds.I don’t really care because they seem like awesome people. Love their adorable kids.

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